Updated: Dec 14, 2020


Let's be blunt..... eBay and Amazon won't miss your purchase, Visa Gift Cards help banks, and overseas factories don't care if you buy from them.... our local shops care!

Our local businesses are part of our community, and they support our community. They sponsor our school events, and our local sports teams. You see them out walking their dogs, at local events, or on the golf course. We all know each other by name (or face), they remember your coffee order, and they are our friends.

This Christmas lets keep our money local!

2020 has been the most challenging year the world has collectively faced in our lifetimes. COVID-19 shattered our bubble of normality, created lockdowns, shut businesses, filled the news, and dominated our conversations.

Running out of toilet paper now makes the news, supermarkets started purchase limits, and pasta shelves were empty. Hearing terms like unprecedented times, social distancing, face masks and flatten the curve all seems normal. But we are coming out the other end, community transmission is almost over, life is rapidly turning back to normal (touch wood).

But the scars still remain on our local businesses, so this Christmas lets all spend our money locally and strengthen our community.

LOCAL RETAIL: buy from local shops and look for the local products they stock.

RESTAURANTS AND CAFES: tell your family your favourites and get a gift.

HAIR AND BEAUTY: Everyone loves to be pampered, get a gift voucher for 2021

HEALTH AND FITNESS: They all have vouchers too, plus a swag of great products

BOTTLE SHOPS: Get local Christmas and New Years drinks. Talk to staff and ask for local Hunter Valley, Orange or Mudgee wine and look for local craft beer and spirits.

Since COVID-19 our local businesses have become very creative in offering products and services, in these changing times. This means all your favourite shops, and businesses will have an option for you to put under the Christmas Tree.

LOCAL SHOP OWNERS enter the City of Canada Bay "Shop Front Window Display" competition, CLICK HERE for more details.