Help make Henley Park completely safe for dogs by signing the petition on Change.org started by Amanda Walsh.

"Henley Park leads off dog park on the corners of Castlereagh, Pitt and Flavelle Streets in Concord, however it currently only has a quarter of the park fenced. This means that there are enormous areas of the park where dogs get run on the road.

Just recently a dog ran out on to the road on one of the unfenced sides of the park and was hit by a car, the dog survived and a lot of damage was caused to the Audi SUV. It must also be noted that there is an added danger as cars swerve to miss the loose dogs and there is potential for the cars to mistakenly swerve into a house or a pedestrian on the footpath.

It has also been noted at peak hours many cars speed through the quiet streets surrounding the park and use these streets as a ‘rat run’ causing added danger to park users. Henley Park in Concord must be fully fenced as a matter of urgency."


City of Canada Bay installed the Henley Park Dog Park on 19 May 2020

"Henley Park Concord is now an off-leash dog park. A fence along Flavelle St will be installed to improve the safety of dogs in the park in the coming months, along with other amenities including signage, doggie bins and bags, and an upgrade to the existing water fountain.

We will monitor the park and present a review to the Council in 12 months to ensure the decisions made are suitable."

>> Read the full City of Canada Bay announcement and decision background here <<

Concord Pulse has seen that COVID has led to a significant increase in the number of dogs in the local area, far outnumbering any of the predictions Canada Bay Council could have made when it first proposing the need to the dog park back in 2018/2019.

If you are in favour of increasing the safety for dogs at Henley Park by increasing the fencing, please jump on and sign the petition and email local council, in addition, if you are opposed to the idea, you also should share your opinion with council.