Updated: Apr 2, 2020


COVID 19 UPDATE > Antipodean Advisory is still open, Michael the Principle is conducting remote meetings via phone, Skype and Zoom to ensure the best COVID-19 practices.

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Simple, easy to understand financial advice, solutions and services for anyone in the Concord area wanting more certainty over their financial destiny.

Antipodean Advisory is a privately-owned wealth management and financial services advisory firm, specialising in strategic financial advice.

Michael Clapham, Director, has worked in financial markets since 1990 including various senior positions with global retail and investment banks.

"What lights me up about my work is knowing that through my knowledge, experience and passion, I can bring about positive results and peace of mind for my clients." says Michael

Michael works out easy strategies to help you achieve your financial goals, and you don’t have to earn a high income to do it. Whether you’re looking to get your affairs in order, buy a house, start a family or prepare for retirement, Michael brings expert qualified financial advice that can help you achieve your goals sooner, and with more confidence.

Antipodean Advisory provides the ‘how’ via a road map to the financial destiny you desire. Michael does this by helping you realise the full potential of your money, maximising your wealth and enabling you to live the life you want. Michael will also help protect everything that is important to you; your family, your assets and your lifestyle.

SERVICES: Financial Advice, Investments, Superannuation,Strategy, Share & Insurance Broking, Funds, ETF's Self Managed Superannuation Funds, Budgeting & cash flow

“We are committed to our mission of helping clients understand their options within an often complex financial world, removing risk and providing financial certainty.” Antipodean Advisory

PRIVATELY OWNED: Antipodean is not incentivised to recommend any particular product or service. When they recommend a product or service to you it is because they genuinely believe that particular product or service is an appropriate solution for your specific needs as they understand them to be.

Reputation is important to Michael, it’s what he has built his business upon so you can be assured that he will always act in your best interests first and foremost.

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